Clinical massage is a technique used to ease pain and restore balance to the body. It is a style of massage that aims to address problem areas and resolve issues, making you feel better in the short and long term.

How I use Clinical Massage in Practice

As with any form of therapeutic massage, I always start treatment by discussing the patient’s areas of discomfort. Aches and pains crop up everywhere, very commonly back, neck and shoulders are areas that can benefit from clinical massage. Soft tissue pain  is often the result of work, carrying heavy bags or performing other similar day-to-day tasks. Frequently muscle and joint pain can also be the result of other health problems and although we may not be able to resolve the causative problems I can often help alleviate the painful symptoms. Alongside your treatment exercise advice and working on improving your posture is an important part of the holistic treatment; one that you will benefit from in the long-term.

Clinical massage includes working deep into the muscles. Sometimes this can be a little uncomfortable, but I will interact with you as a patient and monitor your feelings to ensure we never even approach intolerable levels of discomfort. Working on these areas over time improves the health of these muscles and joints until bit by bit, their function is fully restored.

Who can Benefit from Clinical Massage Therapy

Clinical massage is designed to help people suffering from aches and pains. If you feel stiff, have aches and pains then clinical massage will help to relax contracted muscles, boost circulation in congested tissue, help to break down scar tissue and disperse knots. You should have a freer and wider range of movement, less pain, better posture and a relaxed and balanced body.

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