Covid-19 Risk Assessment

During these unprecedented times I want you to feel safe and secure during your treatment.
The following Risk Assessment has been carried out and measures put in place.

There is ample parking on the driveway. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Should you arrive early, please wait in your car until your appointment time and then ring the bell. Should you wish to wait inside then this can be arranged, but you will be asked to wear a mask

Should you wish to have someone accompany you to your appointment, please let me know when you make your appointment.

Your temperature will be taken on arrival. I will already have taken your contact details when your appointment was made, and these will be kept securely as per NHS Track and Trace Requirements

I will accompany you down the corridor and to and from the treatment room, in order to ensure social distancing.

I will be wearing a visor during your treatment. Please feel free to wear a facemask or face covering should you wish.

Your treatment will be carried out in a professionally laid out treatment room. This room is not used for any other purpose and will be cleaned between appointments.

At the end of your treatment I will give you my business card. Should you develop symptoms of Covid – 19, have a positive test or are contacted by NHS Track and Trace, please contact me. This is in line with Government requirements

Water, if required, is provided in bottles. Door handles, door bells and other facilities are cleaned between patients.