I work with patients to improve any musculo-skeletal pain or discomfort they have. Broadly this means any issues concerning muscles or joints. To give you an idea of the problems I commonly see and treat, I have included a list below. If you are experiencing issues outside of this list, please contact me and we can discuss your concerns.

Aches and pains related to over-used or unaccustomed movements

Strains & Sprains

Physiological restrictions and pain caused by existing pathologies e.g. osteo-arthritis

Long-term problems that the patient is unhappily living with e.g. lower back pain

Rehabilitation following trauma or perhaps a surgical procedure

Pain injury and dysfunction caused through hard work or training

Injuries caused through tightness & limitations in the body’s movements

Injuries caused through inefficiencies due to weak or inactive muscles

My Approach to Treating Musculo-skeletal Problems

As an experienced therapist, I will always start by discussing the problem with you in full. To understand how to best proceed we will go through your medical background the history of your pain and undertake a physiological assessment.

From here I will create a personal treatment plan for you, ensuring that I can deliver the best treatment for your individual problem. Your plan will be focussed on improving your specific pain, problems or injuries. I will explain the steps and we can discuss the plan together, making sure you’re happy with every aspect.