It is common for patients to first come to me when they have had an injury, pain or discomfort. Once we have worked through a treatment plan together and improved the initial problem, it is often advisable to continue receiving a form of massage on a regular basis.

Why you should have Regular Massage

You are probably already aware that when you exercise frequently, your body maintains a good level of fitness. Similarly with massage, once a level of good function and movement has been reached, regular massage will help your body to maintain vitality in the muscles.
If, like most of us, you are prone to stress, regular massage helps to relieve muscle tension. You can read more about the benefits of stress-busting therapeutic massage on this page.

Who can Benefit from Regular Massage

Everybody can benefit from regular massage, what will differ is the type of massage that is most suitable for your specific needs. It may be that you would suit several types of massage on a regular basis, each working to maintain different aspects of your fitness and wellbeing. Establishing what is best for the individual is an important part of how I work with each of my patients and your case will be no different.

Please contact me and we can discuss the next steps for you.