I approach running injuries and training overuse injuries with a ‘bigger picture & whole person’ approach, helping you to be the best athlete that you can be.

Running Injury Specialist

I’ve been an endurance runner for over thirty years. As a therapist helping runners recover from both minor and major injuries is an area in which I have a huge amount of experience and expertise (follow this link for more information). Unlike most physios and practitioners, I understand the mechanics and underlying causes of running injuries. I will be pleased to discuss with you what bought about the problem, not just the symptoms alone. We can work to repair the injury, as it stands, and discuss how to prevent the same problem from happening again.  I will work with you to explain the cause of the problem and how we are going to solve it. Complete rehabilitation plans are part of my treatment process.

Running; Sprints, Middle Distance & Endurance

Very often, running injuries, or any sports injury, can be caused by poorly a organised training regime. As a qualified and active national coach (UK Athletics Level 4), I’m completely happy to advise my patients on how training methods might be modified or improved in order to prevent injuries from occurring. Making these changes can help ensure that once you are back to full strength, risk of injury is reduced.

I’m acutely aware that no runner wants to have their plans interrupted through injury; but when it strikes I’ll always work with you, where possible, to  keep you running. When , however, a rest is called for to allow for recovery, I’m full of ideas and suggestions on how to maintain fitness through suitable cross training methods.

Running Clubs

I see many patients to help resolve their running injuries. I see patients from far afield and I commonly treat patients from two local running clubs, Chichester Runners & Athletics Club & Tone Zone Runners.