Ongoing Sports Massage

During any sort of physical activity, whether intense or recreational, stresses build up in your body’s soft tissue. The term ‘soft tissue’ covers more than you might think – from muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, nerves and the general circulation system. Sports massage is mostly deeper and more intense than a therapeutic (relaxation) massage. Muscles that are tense and contracted from overuse, are relaxed and lengthened back to optimum shape. The circulation is manipulated, pressed and pushed to remove toxins and enhance the healthy circulation of blood and lymph around the body.

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Sports Massage for Athletes and Performers

Sports massage used after an event enhances your body’s own recovery process. Therefore when you’re taking part in intense training or competitions, sports massage reduces the time your body needs to recover. Faster recovery means you can train more; making greater gains to fitness without increasing your risk of injury. You can also benefit from massage before important events to loosen the muscles and prepare for optimum performance.

Regular maintenance sports massage during periods of hard training, between competitions is important; it promotes improvements in flexibility, enhances recovery and eliminates the build up of muscular tension and scar tissue. When I work regularly with sports men and women, I often pick up potential physiological problems. This allows us to work to prevent the problems becoming serious or resulting in injury and time out from training.

Sports Massage & Injury Treatment

If you have become injured through physical activity, together we can work out the best course of sports therapy for you. Sports massage is suitable for many minor and major sports injuries but, often it’s necessary to widen the approach in order to repair the damage and ensure a speedy return to full performance. In this case we look at using other methods most suitable for the purpose: I have at your disposal a wide range of other modalities and treatments suitable for a very wide range of problems.

Who can Benefit from Sports Massage

Sports massage isn’t just suitable for the Pro’s the very competitive sports men and women but for anybody who wants to maintain their body in the best possible physical condition. In any sport regular massage can be particularly helpful during the most intense and heavy training periods, it assists and promotes quicker recovery and helps keep overuse injuries at bay. If you’ve had a soft tissue injury through any form of physical activity, this type of treatment will speed up recovery time, getting your body back to its absolute best faster.

How I Use Therapeutic Massage in Practice

Therapeutic Massage aims to promote relaxation. This style of massage encourages a general sense of well-being as the steady, specialised actions improve blood circulation around your body. Tension and knots in your muscles are eased away with gentle but firm massage.

In my patients, the most common need for therapeutic massage is to relieve muscle tension frequently bought about by anxiety and stress. Stress can present itself physically, for example as tense muscles, headaches and trouble sleeping. Relaxing massage helps to reduce the physical consequences of stress by actively stretching and relaxing the muscles and by increasing blood flow around the body. Many of my patients complain of neck and shoulder pain, or lower back pain in particular, bought about through the strains of everyday life. As well as being a soothing and enjoyable experience, regular therapeutic massage will work to constantly keep muscles more supple and improve your body’s sense of well-being, restoring and maintaining balance and good health. More information on regular massage can be found on this page of my site.

Who can Benefit from Therapeutic Massage

This massage is suitable for everybody. It works by itself or alongside more intense massage styles and in conjunction with other suitable treatments depending on your needs. Independently, therapeutic massage aims to relax you and your muscles immediately, whether you feel tense and stressed or just in need of some me-time.

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