Therapeutic Massage aims to completely relax you. This style of massage encourages a general sense of well-being as the steady, rhythmic action improves blood circulation around your body. Tension and knots in your muscles are eased away with gentle but firm massage.

How I Use Therapeutic Massage in Practice

In my patients, the most common needs for therapeutic massage is to relieve stress and eliminate aches and pains. Stress can present itself physically, for example as tense muscles, headaches and trouble sleeping. Many of my patients complain of neck and shoulder, or back pain in particular. Relaxing massage helps to reduce the physical signs of stress by actively relaxing the muscles and increasing blood flow around the body. As well as being an enjoyable experience, regular therapeutic massage will work to constantly keep muscles more supple and improve your body’s sense of well-being. More information on regular massage can be found on this page of my site.

Who can Benefit from Therapeutic Massage

This massage is suitable for everybody. It works by itself or alongside more intense massage styles depending on your needs. Independently, therapeutic massage aims to relax you and your muscles immediately, whether you feel tense and stressed or just in need of some me-time.

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